1– MICROAID occupies a unique niche in the response, relief, and recovery cycle following a disaster. We step in after the initial emergency response and relief operations of other aid organizations begin to wind down. MICROAID is one of a very few organizations to take on this responsibility.

2 – MICROAID identifies, addresses, and stays focused on the continuing needs of distressed people as they rebuild their lives and attempt to reintegrate themselves into the economic and social fabric of their community. MICROAID does not duplicate the efforts of other larger organizations but rather builds on their efforts in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

3 – 100% of all donations go to assisting people in need, not to overhead. Overhead is funded directly by the MICROAID board of directors, foundations, and specific corporate donors.

4 – To remain independent from political, economic, military, or other competing objectives, MICROAID accepts no government funding.

5 – MICROAID will be kept small to enable it to perform efficiently and effectively. Program managers meet beneficiaries face to face and offer hands-on assistance.

6 – Through the MICROAID website, supporters can see exactly whom they are helping, and can check in to track the latest updates on specific MICROAID projects.

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