About our work in the USA

usa blog on Apr 23rd 2012



In the United States MicroAid focuses on hands-on assistance to other organizations.  (MicroAid’s main mission is to help victims of disasters in foreign countries.)  The reason for this is that a small financial contribution where we work internationally can help a lot more people than it would in the U.S.  In the United States, social safety nets are far more common, accessible, and well organized.  There is no need for MicroAid to reinvent the wheel.  That being said, MicroAid continues to support U.S. non-profits with direct physical participation.  When in the country, Jon Ross builds houses with Habitat for Humanity one day a week, and helps organize Surfrider Foundation’s monthly beach clean-ups.  He is an advisor to the Achilles Track Club, for people with disabilities, and to Karma Rescue, which saves “death row” dogs from Los Angeles shelters.

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