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As a long term recovery organization, MicroAid goes into an affected area when the other organizations, and the world’s attention, have moved on.  MicroAid gives people no-strings-attached, hands-on assistance—rebuilding houses and replacing tools of livelihood—to help them return to self-sufficiency.

Wherever and whenever a disaster strikes, whether it is an earthquake, tsunami, or flood, there are three distinct phases to the response: immediate “emergency,” short-term “relief,” and log-term “recovery.”

The emergency responders dig people out of the rubble, attend to medical needs, and try to restore critical life-saving infrastructure–water and power.  The relief organizations set up temporary shelters, deliver food, and offer counseling services.

Long-term recovery organizations repair or rebuild permanent housing, replace tools of livelihood, and help people re-enter the social and economic fabric of their community. That’s where MicroAid International comes in.

Currently, MicroAid is raising money for additional projects related to the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka, and the subsequent 2009 earthquakes in Indonesia, the 2008 cyclone in Burma (Myanmar), the 2009 tidal wave in Samoa, and the 2010 mudslides in Peru, the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the 2013 typhoon in the Philippines, the 2014 cyclone in Vanuatu, and the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.


Jon Ross at a home construction site in Sri Lanka

100% of donations go to helping those in need.  Overhead is funded separately by the MicroAid board of directors.  Thank you.

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