Current Directors:

Jon Ross (founder, Chair, and CEO, MicroAid)
Los Angeles, CA

D. Leslie Winter (Secretary and Treasurer, MicroAid)
New York, NY

Nadia Block (Nonprofit Management Consultant/Artist)
Brooklyn, NY


A network of international advisors helps MICROAID narrow its focus and fulfill its mission. Comprised of other relief and recovery professionals, local contacts, and travel professionals, this group funnels specific information about world crises and helps direct MICROAID to those in need. MICROAID has advisors in the U.S., Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. To help achieve its objectives, MICROAID is developing additional connections with USAID, as well as NGOs such as Red Cross, World Vision, Doctors without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, Peace Corps, Save the Children, Plan International, CARE, and local Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOADs), civic organizations, social service agencies, community foundations, health agencies, and long-term recovery committees.