Nepal House Project – Spring/Summer 2016

Jon Ross on Aug 10th 2016



I hope all is well with you.


katunje site tree view11


So, I have truly learned the meaning of “Nepali time”: It means slow. After four months of construction, we are very close to being done with the new home for our beneficiary family. All the plaster, plumbing, and electrical work is done, but there are still a few last details to be finished. We will be putting glass in the windows and installing doors within the next couple of weeks!



katunje site interior wiring wall cut



More than 16 months after the earthquake, where 650,000 homes were destroyed, the Nepali government has not rebuilt a single one… and it has not allowed the other NGOs to do so, either. MicroAid has!


katunje site interior plaster complete 1


By working directly with a survivor family, we have set an example for future disaster reconstruction in that country. Many people, including heads of other international organizations, have come to visit our site.


katunje site slab pour


As difficult as this project has been—construction, culture, environment, people—it has been a fascinating experience, and we have really done some good work and been of great service.


balram - sangita and samip


At least this Nepali family will have a solid, safe, comfortable home for generations to come.

Thank you for supporting this important work.



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